Press Coverage

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Cards on the Table

Commissioned rap video from science rapper extraordinaire Baba Brinkman

PsychTable: Collecting Evidence for Evolutionary Psychology

Psychology Today blog post by Nathan Lents Digital Classification Table of Human Evolved Psychological Adaptations. A conversation with Niruban Balachandran and Daniel Glass

This View of Life podcast interview with David Sloan Wilson

The Taxonomy of Human Evolved Psychological Adaptations

Accompanying article in the Evolution Institute’s This View of Life online magazine

RoundTable 1: What Is PsychTable?

Podcast interview with Ricardo Lopes’ The Dissenter

PsychTable — This World of Humans

Podcast episode from This World of Humans podcast, hosted by Nathan Lents

Introducing PsychTable: A Periodic Table of Evolved Psychological Adaptations

Psychology Today blog post from Glenn Geher’s Darwin’s Subterranean World blog, co-written by Olivia Jewell

A “Periodic Table” of Human Psychological Adaptations — A classification system for human psychological adaptations

Psychology Today blog post from Michael Mills’ The How and Why of Sex Differences blog, co-written by Niruban Balachandran